400 Australian soldiers sent to Afghanistan

Posted on July 23rd, 2014

Sunday, August 20, 2006 

400 Australian soldiers have been officially farewelled at parade in Darwin, NT, ahead of their deployment to Afghanistan on Tuesday. Wishing the soldiers well, Defence Minister Brendan Nelson says there is a high risk associated with the mission.

“We know that this is a dangerous mission but it’s also an extremely important one,” he said. “They will go beginning this week and be deployed over the next few weeks.”

The group will work around the southern Oruzgan Province. Rising violence in the Taliban heartland province earlier this month prompted Australian Prime Minister John Howard to further strengthen the capability of the Reconstruction Task Force (RTF). Approximately 150 personnel will be added to the 240-strong force announced in May.

Defence says the RTF will form part of the Netherlands-led Provincial Reconstruction Team in the Oruzgan province under NATO.

More than 1800 people have been killed in fighting in Afghanistan this year, 92 of them foreign soldiers (12 being Canadian). A contingent of 190 Australian special forces, supported by a 110-member helicopter detachment, has suffered a steady flow of casualties since September year, with 11 wounded — a rate of one a month. The Age reports the Howard Government has “kept secret” how soldiers suffered the wounds, or the extent or nature of the wounds.

Dr Nelson said the soldiers would perform command, construction, communications intelligence, protection and logistics support. “We must stick with our allies and stand up for our values,” he said. He told the troops they would be “dealing with people who are fanatically opposed to our way of life and everything we stand for”.

Dr Nelson says the Australian contribution will also include skills training for the local population to “ensure the benefits of the deployment continue long after our personnel have returned home.”

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Secrets To Beautiful Hair

Posted on July 23rd, 2014

Secrets To Beautiful Hair


Charlie Badderly

Hair can become very damaged by many things, from how you style it, to the conditions in your environment. Therefore, it\’s important to give it the right kind of care to recover from this. Damaged hair looks and feels brittle and coarse, and can often be more difficult to style. If you want the glow and shine to be put back into your locks, then read on for tips and advice. Re-consider what shampoo and conditioner you should be using. Many drugstore products contain chemicals such as sulphates which actually cause more damage to your hair. Look for natural products, many are available quite cheaply now, they will contain less harmful substances. Ask your hairdresser for their recommendations for your hair type, or just try out different things to find out what works for you.

Try and avoid using too many heated tools until your hair is in better condition. Try these ideas to style your hair without over-damaging it: Use different hairbands, Alice bands, ribbons or bobbles to accessorize your hair and make it look more styled without actually putting much time into styling it. When you do need to use a heated appliance make sure that you don\’t settle for the cheap drugstore brands. This is because they often cause more damage than the more expensive brands. They are usually just made of metal rather than being ceramic. They will also not work as effectively, so it is worth paying out a bit more money for a more effective and less damaging product, often with added benefits such as ionic technology.

YouTube Preview Image

Eat the right stuff. By choosing the correct foods, you can increase hair growth and repair and prevent hair loss. Look for foods containing Omega3 fatty acids and other essential fatty acids. This includes oily fish, (eg. Salmon/Tuna/Mackerel), and almonds.

Don\’t let your environment affect your hair. Think of things that are around you quite often, and think of ways to avoid them from damaging your hair. Pollution, smoke and smoking all dry out your hair. To stop being damaged by these things, don\’t stand around with people who are smoking, limit the amount that you smoke, don\’t let people smoke in your home and avoid heavily polluted areas.

Not washing your hair often is actually healthy, it allows the natural oils of your hair to safeguard your hair and protect it.

You can naturally strengthen, and keep healthy hair, And possibly regrow some hair by mixing carrots,and fuze or vitamin water together in a blender……and rubbing gently into hair before you wash…..but be sure it all comes out before you finish your shower…..and tea tree oil can help keep follicles healthy and eating all healthy and organic foods….and sea food helps tremendously……..and exercise helps…..and a healthy life and physical and mental well being helps……..hole this helped.

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Times Square bomb suspects arrested in Pakistan

Posted on July 23rd, 2014

Saturday, May 22, 2010 

At least six suspects, wanted in connection with a failed car bomb attempt in Times Square, New York City on May 1, have been arrested by authorities in Pakistan. The arrests follow a visit to Pakistan by two high-ranking American security officials—US National Security Adviser Gen James Jones and Leon Panetta, director of the Central Intelligence Agency, both of whom praised Pakistan for its efforts in tracking down suspects in the bomb attack.

Amongst those arrested are the co-owner of a large company which provides catering to several embassies in Pakistan and a major in the Pakistani Army, though the Army released a statement denying any involvment. Some are believed to have been educated in the United States. A notice on the website of the US embassy in Islamabad reported that the catering company co-owned by one of the suspects had links to terrorism and has since advised US citizens against using the firm.

Those arrested are believed to have had links with Faisal Shahzad, the primary suspect in the bombing, who was arrested on May 3 on board an aircraft at New York’s JFK Airport.

One source told Reuters: “We are investigating whether Ashraf has provided any financial support to Faisal because Ashraf and his father are rich people and they run a very big catering business” though another stated that “[t]hey may be innocent because being friends does not mean you are involved in the activities of your friends”.

The suspects are currently being detained by the Pakistani security services, who are known to have close links with the CIA, to the extent of allowing CIA officials access to prisoners.

Talks with TGWU and Gate Gourmet to resume later today

Posted on July 23rd, 2014

Saturday, August 13, 2005 

The Transport and General Worker’s Union and Gate Gourmet, the company that laid off 500 workers after workers staged unofficial strike action, will attend further talks held at a conciliation service by the Advisory Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS) on Saturday.

The director of Gate Gourmet, Richard Wells, denied that he was being “heavy-handed” over the dismissals. He insisted that the people affected were spoken to, and given written warnings before they were sacked.

As a result of British Airways (BA) staff at Heathrow joining Gate Gourmet’s staff in the strike action, BA are running 50% of their short-haul flights, and 40% of their long haul flights today from 0600 BST/UTC+1. They are expecting to add more flights to the schedule as the day progresses, so passengers are advised to check the British Airways website.

Analysts said that the disruption may lose BA next to £40m because of the refunds that the company are paying out, loss of flight revenue, and the costs of accommodating passengers in nearby hotels.

Only passengers with confirmed reservations have been allowed to board flights at Heathrow. Barriers have been placed around Terminal 4 to stop people without reservations from joining flights. There are limited catering services on-board the flights.

British Airways advises passengers to telephone +44 (0)800 727 800 or check their website before travelling to the airport. They also said that they would refund customers that had to stay in a hotel on Friday night up to £100.

It is noted by passengers, though, that the advice line can be engaged for long periods, so users of the telephone line need to be patient.

Qantas, Finnair, GB Airways, Sri Lankan Airlines, and British Mediterranean are also affected, as they were serviced by BA’s ground staff. Their telephone numbers are listed below.


Posted on July 23rd, 2014

We Stock Only The Best Dj Software

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Here are a few items to search for when looking for your software

Online DJ Mixer should have features

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-Search for a hefty base of sample beats to start with.

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-Easy setup

-If at all possible try to look for a software that’s suitable for both Pc and a mac. This could save you later if you choose to switch.

-Versatility inside your music creation process. You need to have the ability to bring your creative vision to existence using the software of your liking.

Hope fully this should help you during your search for the best DJ software or Mac. Another note to increase your buying process would be to make certain that whichever program you’re searching at buying, next to your skin a fantastic support. Be it live chat support, email, a telephone number etc. Make sure you may have support if you want it. Quite simply don’t give your hard gained money for some program that will easily turn their back you when they have your hard earned money within their pocket.

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Portal:Football/League Tables

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